Pynchon does seem to have a large "cult" following, but think that one of his great faults is that he is inaccessible for the most part. I have no problem reading challenging works with obscure references that require me looking things up on Google and sometimes reading academic papers, but I do have a problem when the chapter goes on and on, and seems to never end. I then forget what I was reading in the first place. I love Moby Dick for that, challenging, but the chapters are easily digestible. I'm also currently reading Sudden Death by Alvaro Enrigue. The chapters are filled with references about Italy and Spain in the 1500's and obscure references about tennis, but each chapter is only a couple of pages long.

That being said, I ordered Mason and Dixon the other day. I should be receiving it soon. I began reading a few years ago. From what I can remember, once you get used to the faux elizebethan english prose, its quite entertaining, i'm also looking forward to revisiting it