Strange, usually midway through the summer one of our "famous" Nobel speculation threads is already well under way, with blood being spilled here there and everywhere, . Sometimes we start them as early as June. Daniel usually jumps at the opportunity to be the first to do so (I wonder what happened to dampen his spirits this year?)

Annnyyywwwaaay, on to the meat.

What are some of your hopefuls for this year's Prize? Names you think WILL win? Names you feel ought to win, and just might? Names you feel ought to win but stand no chance?

Personally I think this year's award will go either to an Asian writer (Ko Un, perhaps?) or a Middle Easterner (Adonis? or one of those pro-Palestinian Israeli authors [sounds like an oxymoron, but they're out there]).

I am always pleased when a poet wins, but I doubt it will happen this year, since TT was awarded in 2011 (it's too soon).

Any new names you would like to add into the mix?

One thing is certain, however. The winner, whoever he/she or they are, won't be Swedish, !