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Thread: Toni Morrison: God Help the Child

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    United States Toni Morrison: God Help the Child

    Toni Morrison's new novel due to be published at some point next year. I'm not really a fan of her work (too verbose, too sentimental, too mired in "big issues") but this sounds interesting. I'll be sure to check it out. The Guardian did a preliminary write-up here.

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    This post is now 2+ years old. Just came across it and wondered if anyone actually ended up read in God Help the Child?

    I think I may have posted about this in the recently finished books thread, anyways, read this a few months ago. It was horrible. Embarrassingly bad for someone who's won the Nobel. This book and her second most recent novel were both bad. And I don't even mean in terms of not liking the plot or the issues. Just in terms of pure writing ability and quality of prose this novel was poorly written, lacked basic realistic components, and came off as some recent MFA's attempt at writing to appeal to young urban women.

    I remember reading Beloved in high school and thinking it was absurd but at the very least the writing ability was up there. I haven't read any of her other post-Nobel work but based on her two latest books it seems that she's either become a worse writer with old age or that just in general the quality of her work has drastically dropped. It's also sad for me to see that American press gave this book glowing reviews (or at the very least the few lit review sites I regularly check). I think it's mostly a case of "oh she's Toni Morrison, it's great!" as opposed to the reviewers actually judging there quality of the work.

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