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    Novelist, short story writer, essayist, and translator, Joshua Cohen (b. 1980) debuted in 2005, grabbed our attention with 2010's 800+ page Witz (Dalkey Archive), and went mainstream five years later, publishing the sprawling, frenetic epic Book of Numbers with Random House. He hates hates by the way, Jonathan Safran Foer, Jonathan Franzen, and Gary Shteyngart, writers to whom many would (not without reason) connect him.

    An interview about Book of Numbers:
    " the spring there was clouds"

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    I gave up on Book of Numbers. I'll probably work my way back to it eventually, because its an important book, but a bit of a chore to read

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    His new book, Moving Kings, is coming out soon :

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    Is he any good? I know he got a bit of attention for his seemingly Pynchon-esque tome Witz, but most of his work sounds either a chore to read like hoodoo said or meh.

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    Well I got a bit tired of Book of Numbers, but Im really looking forward to Moving Kings, its much shorter (about 350 pages). He is most certainly one of the more exciting younger American writers out there.

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    I've read about a third of Moving Kings. It seems to be much more focused and less experimental than Book of Numbers. I'm really enjoying it so far.

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    I'm currently re-reading Book of Numbers. I'm really enjoying much more this second time around. I gave up the first time about half way through. This time around, I find the book hilarious. He's actually a very funny writer.

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