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Thread: Buchi Emecheta (1944-2017)

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    Nigeria Buchi Emecheta (1944-2017)

    I noticed only today that Nigerian writer Buchi Emecheta passed away on the 25th of January at an age of 72. I haven't read anything from her yet, but maybe someone else has?

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    I had heard her name but never read her. By reading the article it's amazing how an immigrant woman, single mother of five was able to thrive in such a difficult environment. Not only she was a hard worker to raise her children but also gave herself the time to get a degree and start writing her fiction. Such an admirable woman.

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    I've read Second Class Citizen which is clearly an autobiographical novel dealing with Emecheta's adjustment to life in England. Have always wanted to read one of her novels set in Nigeria.

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    I'm quite sad to hear this. I read her novel "The Joys of Motherhood" about 5 years ago after a friend of mine who is a professor of African Food History gave me her copy, and was really impressed by it. It is simple in its presentation but tells an important side of the late-African colonial story that is often ignored by other famous African writers, being that of the woman's experience. Definitely worth a read if you are looking for where to go next Stevie B. I've got another two or three of her novels back home, with Second Class Citizen having long been near the top of my list of books to read before I moved to Colombia and lost access to my physical book collection.

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