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    Hello all. I signed up in this forum a few days ago and soon after that I started a thread (or at least I thout I had started it) in "Literary Translation", but I don't see it now, nor the moment I posted it. Can anyone explain me why my thread is lost; are my rights insufficietn? Thank you.

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    Hi Robert. Welcome to the board. I am always excited to see somebody interested in Literary Translation - and I'm sorry that your thread is lost. I can't help answer your question in any way given I'm not a moderator and don't really understand the rules of the thread beyond friendly and respectful banter (which sometimes isn't all that friendly or respectful, or at least not to my small-town boy sensitivities), but I can tell you that many boards have restrictions on who can and cannot post threads based on their "seniority" on the boards (either based on time spent as a member or on the number of posts one has). That doesn't exactly explain how it is that you posted this thread though...

    If you would like you could send me the thread you want to open via a private message and I will get it started for you. And I'll make sure you get all the credit that is due for starting a conversation.

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