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Thread: Recently finished books?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redheadshadz View Post
    Hrabal's good, just not as amazing as I had been led to believe. I think part of it is unfamiliarity with other works from that time. I read Closely Watched Trains and didn't realize how much I missed out on by not knowing much about socialist realism.

    And the introduction to the Seifert book referenced that. Have you read any of him?
    I loved both 'Closely Observed Trains' and 'Too Loud a Solitude'. Wasn't that happy with 'Dancing lessons for the Advanced Age'. Now that you both kindled the interest again, I should get back to Hrabal sooner.

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    Junichiro Tanizaki, Seven Japanese Tales + As advertised, several short stories and several long tales. I won't say they were uneven in quality but I will say that they were quite uneven in appeal. The more I read of Tanizaki, the more I realize what an intriguing man he must have been.

    Bankim Chandra Chatterji, Krishnakanta's Will + I continue to enjoy the books of this mid-19th century Bengali writer; this novel is most successful at illustrating village life: a "good man" led astray and the ripple effects of greed, lust, infidelity, and simplicity on ordinary people.
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