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Thread: The New Standard for Publishers Re: Acknowledging the Translator

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    Default The New Standard for Publishers Re: Acknowledging the Translator

    Found an interesting article:

    via Three Percent:

    So last month, Uday Prakash’s The Walls of Delhi was published by the University of Western Australia Press in Jason Grunebaum’s translation.

    At some point, we’ll run a review of this book, but for now, I just wanted to point out UWAP’s conscientious approach to highlighting the fact that this book is a translation—an approach that truly sets a new standard for all publishers to follow.

    First off, here’s the front cover. Note that Jason’s name is equally as large as both the title and the author. That in and of itself is pretty impressive.

    BUT, what’s really impressive is the spine:

    And there you are. Based on this single data point, I think that from now on every publisher who fails to acknowledge the translator on the spine deserves to be publicly shamed.

    By Chad W. Post at Three Percent:

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    Default Re: The New Standard for Publishers Re: Acknowledging the Translator

    This translator does appear to get full typographical treatment, as a reaction to the way that translators are ignored. Nevertheless, the translator did not write the book, so I as a translator am always happy for a mention on the first inside pages or indeed on the front cover, but perhaps in more modest-sized print, as happened now with my Kross novel for Northwestern.

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