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Thread: PEN, World of Voices Festival at NYC

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    Default PEN, World of Voices Festival at NYC

    Here's the list of participants for this festival happening in early May. It looks mouthwatering, lots of interesting names. Wish I could go.

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    Default Re: PEN, World of Voices Festival at NYC

    Some interesting names, certainly, but it seems odd that Steve Bell, the cartoonist is one of only three from the UK, though the other two are major novelists. There's one Finn, the recently translated Riikka Pulkkinen, and a sprinkling of others from Europe, but the term World Voices does seem to mean that the majority come from the world of the USA. Obviously, travel costs from Europe or the Middle East are one factor steering this. There are some big names, some less well-known writers. Those of you who can afford to go, should do so.

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