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    The British Library audio recordings under the series title of THE SPOKEN WORD are an interesting development. I've recently bought a recreation of the original speech for Shakespeare's plays as a Brit Library CD, the expectation was that it would be difficult to understand at 400 years old with a fusion of accents; but with a bizarre mix of South-West/ Bristolian, Newcastle/ North East, and a few other soft tones it's very easy for a native to follow. The ear tends to pick out a bias, we're informed, depending on where you live in the UK, and your accent -- you will hear the local emphasis. It may even be said to include American tones... this experiment by The Globe theatre in London takes you back to how Shakespeare was actually spoken, rather than the recevied pronunciation.

    At the time, I recall reading elsewhere that men from Kent in the SE, would have struggled to understand Londoners, who were in the next county, so was expecting this to be incomprehensible at times. It wasn't.

    But aside from this there are AMERICAN POETS recordings, a mixture of BRITISH POETS, and much else in this series. A few recordings have never been available until now, remaining in the archives.
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